How we work with our clients to evolve and improve our menu

We take menu development, food ratings, and recipe iteration really seriously here. Because we want every meal to feel like a delightful, loving gift to yourself. Clean eating should be a lifestyle that brings you joy, not deprivation or stress.

Here's a behind-the-scenes scoop on how we work with our clients to continuously improve our recipes.

First, we gather food ratings from our clients and team

Every week, we sit down as a team and taste every single meal together. This is extremely, uncomfortably filling. I'm usually screaming, "Too full...can't breathe!" by around meal 6 out of 12. But we suck it up and knock it out! 

And every week we ask our clients to rate their meals. They also give us qualitative feedback on what they'd like to see improve.


Second, find ways to improve every dish

Based on feedback on every meal, we talk about what we liked, what we didn't like, what we can do better. Emphasis on what we can do better . And we think about every dimension: taste, smell, plating, texture, color, creativity, and nutrient density. 

In other words, we're asking questions like:

  • What superfoods or medicinal herbs can we add to this dish to make it even more nourishing?
  • How do we make this dish more colorful so people are more excited to eat it?
  • What do we want people to smell when they first open the lid?
  • How can we rearrange the elements in the container so that everything is more user-friendly and easy to plate?
  • How can we improve the consistency of the sauce?
  • What creative surprises can we add to this dish that makes it even more comforting and special and that no one else is doing?

Third, make a concrete plan for change

Based on all our dialogue, our executive chefs make a list of what to do differently the next time their teams execute on a dish.

No dish should be prepared the exact same way again. Because no dish is ever perfect. Well unless it actually averaged a 5.0 rating, but that hasn't happened yet. Chefs will be poppin bottles for sure if it ever does!


Fourth, get more feedback. Forever.

We track the ratings for each meal over time and make sure every dish is getting better in both menu design and execution over time. We never stop measuring and never assume we've nailed anything forever.

So why do we keep changing things?

Because we value continuous improvement in all areas of our product and lives. I'm sure you can relate to this. You're probably the same way, which is what drew you to us. You see food as something that solves more than just hunger. You see food as nourishment and the building blocks for an optimally functioning body and life. 

Since launching, we've tested over 500 recipes. I dunno how many services can say that. And I hope you taste this difference in the quality of our food.

We aim to serve you the most luscious, beautiful, creative, clean, comfort food in the world. Food so good you rarely wanna eat anything else because it makes your taste buds sing and leaves you feeling vibrant, sexy, and happy. That's when food becomes life-changing, and that's what our standard for food is.