The Myth of "Maintenance Mode"

I want to tell you about our amazing #methodfam member Jonathan, who's lost 35 pounds since starting Methodology and a serious workout routine a few months ago. Of course his results aren't typical for Methodology clients. He's been working his ass off for three months. But he hasn't done anything extreme. Meaning he eats portion sizes that keep him satisfied for a few hours after each meal (ie he's not starving himself). His Methodology meals make up most of his meals and exclude all sugar, gluten, and processed ingredients. And he exercises a few times a week. He's really changed his lifestyle. Jonathan has shown that with patience, commitment, and consistency you can completely change your body and life. 

Remember that your body -- the way it looks, the way it feels, the way it moves -- is a reflection of your lifestyle: your diet, exercise, sleep, and stress.

If you do something extreme then go back to your old ways, your body will go back to its old self. Because, like I just said, your body is a reflection of your lifestyle. There is no such thing an easier lifestyle of "maintenance mode" after you've worked super hard to change your body. This is why we discourage clients from moving into meal plans with calories that are very low, especially if these clients work out regularly. They might lose weight but if they can't eat that way forever they won't be able to stay at that "goal weight" and may damage their metabolisms.

It took me a long time to figure this out this dieting and maintenance mode stuff myself, most of my twenties. Every year I'd work out every day and eat super clean to get ready for my birthday. I'd get down to my goal weight. Then after my birthday I'd work out less but still eat really clean but then gain all the weight back. The math on calories never made sense! If I was eating only 1500 calories a day, why would my body revert back to its old weight?!?! It frustrated me for years. After enough yo-yo's I realized what I told you above: that our bodies are a reflection of our current lifestyles. 

And the lifestyle that you decide works for you can change over time. Now that I'm slammed trying to get Methodology off the ground, I'm perfectly content at a higher body fat percentage (20-22%) than I had when I had more free time. I know exactly what I'd need to do to get it back down to 18%, but the trade-offs (working on Methodology less so I can work out more) just aren't worth it to me right now. Yes, I'M SACRIFICING MY ABS FOR ALL OF YOU. You're welcome!!

I encourage all of you to be realistic with yourselves about setting goals and avoid comparing yourself to others. You have to make the commitments and trade-offs that work for YOU right now, given all the other priorities in your life.

If you REALLY wanted to look like a fitness model, then go right ahead and jump into your 6-day-a-week workouts (often with two-a-days) and eating clean 95+% of the time. If you just wanted to feel energetic and light, that's also within reach, with regular workouts (3-4 times a week) and eating clean 80+% of the time.

In other words, there is no right or best or perfect way to live. You need to make a personal decision for yourself and figure out what kind of lifestyle makes sense for  you relative to how lean, strong, and energetic you want to become and given what your other life priorities are. Only you can decide what you need most right now and what level of effort is worth it to you. And we support you no matter what you decide!