Introducing House Cured Pastured Bacon

I want to highlight an INSANE add-on we're introducing for the very first time: Clean House Cured Pastured Bacon.

Chef Richard Potts has been recipe testing this for a few weeks now and we think we've landed on THE MOST DELICIOUS, CLEANEST bacon recipe ever.

We cure our pork using celery juice, a healthy alternative to the nasty nitrates and nitrites you'll see in most store-bought bacon. And we cut our pork belly nice and thick so you really feel like you're biting into something juicy, meaty, and fatty.

Here are the clean ingredients we use in our housemade bacon: pastured pork belly, celery, onions, garlic, black pepper, coconut aminos, liquid smoke, pink himalayan sea salt, and dates.

We're even experimenting with a bacon jerky (pictured above) that you can eat while on the go. Hope you decide to give our bacon a taste!