Why We Make Everything from Scratch

You may not know this, but our culinary team, led by Chief Culinary Officer Stephen Liu, Executive Chef Sally Yu, and Head Chef Richard Potts, is hell bent on making everything from scratch, including every broth we use and every sauce in your container. 

We do this for a few reasons. First, it's the cleanest way to prepare a meal. We're military-style-uptight about keeping processed food and sugar out of every morsel of your food and, as you've probably seen while shopping for food yourself at the grocery market, it's almost impossible to find a broth or sauce (or bacon, as pictured above) that doesn't have vegetable oil or tons of excess sugar. So we end up making every component of our meals from scratch.

Second, it tastes a lot better. Hellooooooo. Everything that's made fresh just tastes better than stuff that's been sitting on a shelf for who knows how long. 

Third, freshness affects how nutritious food is. The time between a plant being picked and the time you eat it has a huge effect on how nutritious that plant is. There are enzymes in plants that simply die over time. I used to not know this when I was younger and use products like pre-squeezed lemon juice. Now I know better and if I want to maximize the health benefits of having a glass of warm water in the morning with lemon juice, I'll buy lemons twice a week to make sure I'm getting the freshest lemons possible. Or, even better, when my lemon tree in my backyard has lemons on it, I hit that up in the morning.

Anyway, I hope you can TASTE and FEEL the difference in every bite of Methodology. Our team works very hard to create a service that puts your health and wellness first. Hopefully as you mindfully eat next week's Bacon Ketchup, you can take a moment to feel gratitude for the labor and thought that have gone into creating your meal. :)