This week's surprise gift: Longevity 8

Hey #methodfam! Hitting coolers this Monday is the latest Magic Fairy Dust out of the Methodology kitchen: Longevity 8. 

Longevity 8 is made with organic Reishi mushroom, organic raw cacao, and organic dates, three of our favorite, ultra-nourishing ingredients from the Methodology pantry.

I've been experimenting with Reishi in my drinks for the past 2 weeks and just had to share it with all of you. 

Used in Asia for over 2,000 years to boost immunity and slow down aging, Reishi has become my own little miracle mushroom. Did I transform into light and travel the universe for six hours? No. But Reishi is making my skin look younger and brighter.

I started drinking about 1 tablespoon of Reishi mushroom + 2 tablespoons of raw, local honey every night before bed and within two weeks noticed a difference in my complexion. Different enough that people have commented, "You're skin looks great!" Words you never expect to hear after you turn 30. 

So with my huge data set of one I bring you Longevity 8, just in case it fills your life with a little magic, too.  

Mixed in with the Reishi we've added Cacao for an extra boost of polyphenols and granulated dates to make the Reishi more palatable. Reishi tastes like dirt. It's really hard to get down without something sweet to balance it out. 

As the video above explains, just add Longevity 8 to the hot drink of your choice. Any coffee, tea, or even water will do.

We hope Longevity 8 fills you with love and inspires you to learn more about the power and history of plants.

Julie Nguyen

Methodology Founder