What is Methodology?

In today’s busy world, healthy eating sometimes seems impossible. Restaurants and fast food are all around, but knowing exactly what makes up the food you’re eating (right down to the oil it’s cooking in) is usually difficult at best. And there isn’t always enough time to find a recipe, shop for quality ingredients and cook an entire meal. Even if you know what items you’re supposed to eat, it’s not always clear how much you’re supposed to eat. Or how to know you’re getting enough protein, vegetables, vitamins and minerals.

These are the problems Methodology’s working to solve. We know that a lot can get in the way of eating well, but we also know that the food you eat determines the quality of your life. So we decided to make clean meals that taste amazing, meet all your nutritional needs, and fit easily into your busy lifestyle.

How does it work?

Meals are assigned to you every week based on your account preferences and any meals you’ve rated in the past. The more meals you rate, the better we become at assigning them to you. But just in case you want to change it up, you have until Thursday at noon the week before your delivery to make changes to the meals you’ve been assigned.

We deliver your fully cooked meals on Mondays and Thursdays. All you have to do is grab your meal when you’re ready to eat, heat it up on the stovetop or in the microwave and enjoy!

Why every week? Does it have to be a subscription?

When we designed Methodology, we knew that on-demand services were hot in San Francisco. It’s appealing to come home after a long day at work and order in whatever you want. But think about the things your order. It could be salad, but it could also be hot wings or pizza.

So we created a subscription plan to act almost like an insurance plan for people who really want to commit to a healthier lifestyle. The likelihood that you’ll go home and order fried chicken and a cookie becomes much smaller if you have a healthy (and delicious) meal sitting in your refrigerator. Not only have you already paid for it, but it’ll also be ready faster (5 minute cook time on your stovetop compared to 30 minutes to decide what you want and another 15-45 for delivery). This helps make healthy your default rather than the “if I have to” or “I guess I should” option.

What do you mean by "clean"?

There are a lot of definitions of clean eating, so here’s our standard:

We buy the best ingredients possible. Period. This means making sure our produce is pesticide-free and our meat is steroid-, hormone- and antibiotic-free. It also means buying from local farms using sustainable practices whenever possible and using ingredients that are in-season.

All of these factors contribute to more nutrients that are more easily absorbed by your body. It’s what’s best for you, the environment, and the local farming community. So it just make sense.

But eating good foods isn’t enough to make you feel great. We also eliminate the most common inflammatory foods from your meals:

  • Gluten
  • Dairy (with the exception of pastured ghee)
  • Artificial ingredients and preservatives
  • Artificial and refined sugar
  • Canola, vegetable and hydrogenated oils

Our chefs have perfected the art of cooking without these ingredients so you don’t even miss them when they’re gone. And just in case we missed anything, we allow you to personalize your preferences.

When you say personalization...

You can personalize your meals in three ways:

1. Skip the foods that make you sick. If there are foods you can’t eat, let us know in your account preferences. We won’t assign you meals that contain those foods. You can select broad categories like Red Meat or Seafood, or you can select more specific ingredients like Chicken, Avocado or Walnuts.

Don’t see an ingredient you’re looking for on the list of foods to avoid? Just send us an email and we’ll let you know if it’s something we’re able to accommodate.

P.S. Gluten is already eliminated from all meals, so it won’t be an option on this list.

2. Choose your size. We offer four sizes to fit your needs: small, medium, large and couples.

Smalls range from 300-450 calories, mediums from 400-550 calories and larges from 500-650 calories. Couples sizes serve two, so the calories range from 900-1200 for the entire meal. Total calories are for everything in the meal, including the sauce.

3. Do you want starches with that? Our Grace and Vitality plans allow you to choose whether you’d like to enjoy a little starchy goodness with every meal. Vitality meals are exactly the same as our Grace options, except that we’ve added a gluten-free starch like rice or quinoa. 

All of our Harmony (vegan) meals include starches to make sure you’re staying full 4-6 hours after eating.

What if I don't like your meals? Am I stuck?

We have a feeling you’re going to love our meals, but sometimes it’s not the right match. Don’t worry, there’s no minimum commitment. Just let us know by Thursday at noon the week before your next delivery and we’ll cancel your account.

And if you’re traveling temporarily? We’ve got you covered too. You can pause your account the weeks you’re gone and we’ll have fresh meals waiting for you when you get back.


We’re excited to help you on your healthy eating journey. If you'd like to try us out, then click here to join our waitlist. Or email help@gomethodology.com if you have any other questions.