Where to eat in Hoi An

Vietnamese cuisine varies by region, so it was fun eating a lot of the dishes I had in Hanoi again in Hoi An and seeing how differently they’re prepared.

The Hoi An places I tried are below, with my favorites being Morning Glory, Banh Mi Tam Hoa (sells out by 10 AM), Vy’s Market, and Pho Xua. I’m sad I didn’t get to try Com Ga Ba Buoi because every time I swung by they weren’t open yet or were already closed. I bet I would’ve loved it there.

Most of the restaurant cluster you see in the map are in the Hoi An Old Quarter. I wish I had booked an AirBnB or hotel walking distance from that area because I pretty much hung out there the whole time I was in Hoi An. None of the restaurants I saw by the beach looked good to me.

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