Vietnamese Morning Glory Salad


This is a super simple Vietnamese salad recipe from my dad that I grew up eating. The most labor-intensive part is shredding the Morning Glory, but it’s also kind of fun. Hope you like it!


1 cup sushi seasoning (available at Asian grocery markets)

1 cup coco rico soda (available at Asian grocery markets)

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

splash of balsamic vinegar

2 bunches of Morning Glory (available at Asian grocery markets)

1 bunch of cilantro

1 bunch of Thai basil (available at Asian grocery markets)

1 white onion

black pepper

1 lime


  1. Make the salad dressing first. In a bowl, add 1 cup of coco rico soda, 1 cup of sushi seasoning, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Set the dressing aside.

  2. Next, cut the stems off the Morning Glory and use a Morning Glory cutter like this one (also available at Asian grocery stores) to cut each Morning Glory stem into ribbons. Use scissors to cut the Morning Glory into little golf-ball sized bundles so that it’ll be easier to eat with your fork or chopsticks. Keep the ribbons in a bowl of cold water so that they stay fresh. If you can’t finish your Morning Glory, store it refrigerated in the same bowl of cold water, fully immersed.

  3. Chop the cilantro and set it aside.

  4. Chop the onion and set it aside.

  5. Chop the Thai basil and set it aside.

  6. Assemble the salad. In a bowl, combine the Morning Glory ribbons, cilantro, onion, and Thai Basil. Add dressing to taste and mix. Squeeze lime juice to taste. Add black pepper to taste.

  7. Optional: add your favorite protein and mix. I like beef sauteed with soy sauce, garlic, and onion or poached chicken.

Instagram Story

In case it’s helpful, here’s the Instagram story I posted on December 30, 2018, where my dad showed me how to make this salad.