My Current Supplement Routine

Since I get asked what supplements I take all the time, here's a list of what I'm taking right now along with the reasons why.


My point of view on supplements

I do believe that taking high-quality supplements can noticeably improve my health. That being said, I only take supplements if one of the following is true:

1 - I know I'm deficient in something through blood work or stool testing

2 - I feel noticeably better when I take a supplement


Blood Work, Stool Analysis, and Food Sensitivity Testing

I do blood work, stool analysis, food sensitivity testing about once a year. If something negative shows up, like learning I'm very deficient in something or that I have dysbiosis, then I'll tweak my routine and then re-test in 3-6 months. I do this analysis alongside a functional medicine doctor. Right now I'm working with Parsley Health.


These are the supplements I take right now

Upon waking

Parsley Health probiotic because I learned in my recent stool test that I have dysbiosis and need to increase the population of my good gut bacteria. 

Lunch 12 PM

3 tablets of Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega fish oil because it keeps me from getting inflamed cystic acne

10 drops of Parsley Health Vitamin D because in my bloodwork I learned I'm deficient in Vitamin D

2 packets of Isothrive prebiotic to feed my good gut bacteria

Eat something fermented to help increase the population of good gut bacteria


At lunch or Mid-day

2 cups of Osso grass-fed bone broth mixed with 1 scoop of Metagenics Glutagenics L-glutamine to help repair the lining of my gut because I believe I have some leaky gut due to the fact that I have food allergies and can get acne or eczema easily if I eat trigger foods.

Dinner 5 PM

3 tablets of Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega fish oil (see above)

Eat something fermented


Before bed 7 PM

Metagenics Mag Citrate magnesium to help me sleep well and give me regular bowel movements.



B12 shot from Got Vitamin B12 because I'm extremely deficient in B12 according to my most recent blood work and since I'm consuming lots of B12 in my food, it means it isn't being absorbed during digestion. So until I can figure out which foods are causing digestive problems and nutrient malabsorption through an upcoming food sensitivity test, I'm doing shots of B12 directly into my blood to make sure the B12 gets to where it needs to go.