Pretend Cooking

Post-workout protein shake: Golden milk made with brazil nuts

I love using our Golden Milk drink mix to make an anti-inflammatory (thanks to the turmeric and black pepper), delicious protein shake after my workouts. Rather than use expensive nut milks, I prefer to blend 10g of whole nuts into my protein shakes to vary the nuts in my diet (which in turn varies the nutrients I get). I keep all kinds of raw nuts on hand at home and soak a few every night before bed so they can be used in shakes and porridges the next day.

Japanese Protein Oat Porridge

I love mixing up my morning protein oats by using random stuff from my house. In this recipe I shared on our Instagram stories, I made protein oats inspired by Japanese miso soup.

It’s super nourishing thanks to the bone broth, moshio seaweed salt, and foraged chanterelle mushrooms.

It’s fast to make in the morning (it took me literally 5 minutes) but you’ll need to do some prep the night before (soak your oats and sous vide your eggs).

Instagram Stories: 5 minutes to a fall-themed lunch

On today’s Instagram Stories I’m showing you how I combine two of our new fall items (our Pumpkin Turkey Chili and Cumin Carrots) to make lunch. Everything I use here is available on our menu, even the lime. It’s a super comforting and easy-to-make meal.

If you want to order some for yourself, the carrots will be on and off the menu through the rest of fall, and our turkey chili will be available through the end of October.