As a Culinary Admin, you will work with and support the culinary team to care for our menu product throughout the entire internal ideation chain: tracking recipes through R&D, menu placement, and actively participating in the chain of communication to ensure the smooth continuity of kitchen production, product portioning, and supply chain logistics. This team is key to our company, connecting the work of our chefs and culinary team with customer deliverables like menus and nutritional information. Your job won’t be just problem solving, you’ll be consistently thinking ahead and seeing the big picture. Our Culinary Admins are passionate about what they do and why they do it.

This role is based in Concord, CA and reports to our Chef de Cuisine.



  • Full time (paid hourly)

  • Monday-Friday from 9AM to 5:30PM

  • Must be able to work flexible days and hours, including overtime if needed



  • Bachelor’s Degree

  • 1+ years of administrative experience

  • Have expert skills in Excel and Google Office Suite

  • Have in depth knowledge in a wide variety of cooking techniques

  • Possess some food science knowledge

  • Able to work in a seated office environment for a minimum of 8 hours

  • Able to effectively communicate with colleagues and managers

  • Ability to be a team player, always putting the mission first

  • Comfortable in a fast paced and evolving environment

  • Self-starter, motivator, mission-driven

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Passion for nutrition, fitness and leads an active, healthy lifestyle

  • Embraces challenges and identify solutions, not just problems


  • Being knowledgeable food preparation procedures in Methodology including: vegetable/protein/starch preparation, vegetable/starch/protein/sauce cooking, portioning, plating, menu preparation, cook sheet organization, and project prioritization

  • Organizing and facilitating efficient production flow through managing various hand-off and communicative forms for culinary and culinary operations teams

  • Managing and entering menus, meals, ingredients, nutritional data, and formulas into the Methodology CHEF program

  • Managing and entering menus, meals, retail labels, ingredients, nutritional data, R&D data, and formulas using Google Sheets and other Google office suite applications

  • Exercising expert judgement and attention to detail in assessing written menu, meal, retail label, ingredient, nutritional data, R&D data, and formula quality across platforms

  • Active participation in the chain of communication to ensure smooth continuity of kitchen production, product portioning, and supply chain logistics

  • Taking meeting minutes

  • Multitasking and working with a sense of urgency

  • Exhibiting problem solving ability and initiative

  • Providing support to all managerial staff and fellow staff as needed and requested 

  • Actively suggest improvements to our systems, products, and processes across the company -- including menu design, nutrition guidelines, and packaging

To apply, email us your resume and cover letter to