Welcome! I’m Erica. So glad you are interested in my Warrior Women meal program with  @gomethodology.

When it comes to the meal program we’ve designed specifically to go with your Warrior Women journey, you’ve got two options:

  • The 1-week Warrior Women trial program for $179 which includes 5 veggie jars and 5 protein jars. This plan is great if you want to sample how you can use Methodology as part of your Warrior Women journey. You can use ERICASTENZ10 to get $10 off your trial.

  • The 4-week Warrior Woman Program for $179/week. Each week you’ll get 5 veggies jars and 5 protein jars. This plan is fantastic if you want some help with the food portion during your entire 4 week journey. You can use ERICASTENZ50 to get $50 off this program.

With both options, each meal comes out to $17.90/meal assuming you use 1/2 a protein and 1/2 a veggie jar per meal.

For the WW programs, I’ve pre-selected the food items that I order for myself. But if you’d prefer to personalize your own menu to fit your taste preferences and budget, you can sign up for your own subscription at You can use my discount code ERICASTENZ30 for 30% off your first week using this link:

If you have any questions when signing up, definitely feel free to get in touch with me. The best way to do that is to DM me through Instagram @ericastenz, or you can email me at

Also, to find out what’s on the menu for your Warrior Women program or to find out what you should order for your first delivery, feel free to DM me.