Operations Manager



We're hiring an Operations Manager to lead and inspire a growing team of warehouse associates, the team responsible for all food portioning and cooler packing. This role reports to the VP Culinary.

We're on a mission to make it easy to eat well and feel your best every day. We plan, cook, and deliver customized and beautifully prepared meals for our clients who prefer to eat clean and healthy in their everyday lives. All of our meals are customized to each client and prepared without gluten, dairy, processed ingredients, preservatives, refined grains, or refined sugars.

To learn more, visit www.gomethodology.com

This is a full-time salaried role based in Concord, CA.


Schedule & SALARY

  • You'll work Saturday to Wednesday
  • You'll be off on Thursdays and Fridays
  • Full time
  • Salaried, salary varies based on experience and fit with role



  • Reduce labor spend / meal count
  • Reduce portioning errors
  • Reduce fulfillment / cooler packaging errors



Keep the team on budget

  • Schedule hours to stay within the ops labor target
  • Give raises as needed but ensure full time is always within budget
  • Send employees home to prevent OT

Manage all scheduling

  • Schedule team 2 weeks in advance each week
  • Call anyone about schedule changes
  • Track callouts and write-ups
  • Keep entire team on or ahead of schedule for every shift
  • Inspire and motivate team

Motivate team to work quickly, carefully, and thoughtfully

  • Help the team understand the company's mission and why what we're doing matters
  • Motivate team with surprises (eg lunch) when needed
  • Continuously work to improve team morale
  • Communicate long-term goals and strategies to the team weekly
  • Show team you care about their development (are they building skills and knowledge?)
  • Show team you care about their wellness (enough sleep, enough rest, positive work environment)
  • Lead weekly ops meetings with leads to explain priorities and new initiatives and to solicit feedback and ideas

Manage up

  • Meet weekly with management to suggest solutions and improvements and to share data and feedback
  • Communicate broadly with other teams so that they’re aware of what ops is doing to continuously improve
  • Collaborate with leaders of others teams to ensure that the teams work better together over time

Continuously improve team and processes

  • Continuously optimize processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Share ideas for improvements with management, team, and anyone affected
  • Recruit and train the team to keep up with growth and to continuously improve the caliber of the team
  • Post for new Ops team members
  • Interview prospective Ops team members
  • Floor supervision of full team to ensure proper processes are followed at all times and that behavior is always in line with company mission and values
  • Draft and continuously refine and improve SOPs
  • Extend offers to Ops team members
  • Fire Ops team members
  • Ensure there are always reliable backups for each role
  • Give continuous immediate feedback to everyone on ops as you observe them working
  • Weekly 1x1 with all Ops Leads
  • Issue write-ups as needed


How to Apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to help@gomethodology.com.