Our Nutrition Philosophy




An expert panel of advisors provides continuous guidance for our nutrition standards

Our Health Advisory Board is led by Dr. Frank Lipman. Over the past 30 years, Dr. Frank Lipman has helped thousands of patients overcome unhealthy habits that creep in over time and replace them with new life-affirming ways to enhance their health and vitality.

Dr. Lipman is a pioneer and internationally recognized expert in the fields of Integrative and Functional Medicine and the founder and director of Eleven-Eleven Wellness Center in New York City.

Dr. Lipman became board certified in internal medicine after serving as Chief Medical Resident at Lincoln Hospital in New York City. Becoming more and more aware of both the strengths and weaknesses of his training, he began to study acupuncture, Chinese medicine, functional medicine, nutrition, herbal medicine, biofeedback, meditation and yoga. After doing so he began to see that the polarization between western modalities and other healing philosophies merely  negated positive attributes of both. He saw that true healing lay in a blend between the two and now practices his unique blend of what he calls "Good Medicine," combining all the systems in which he has trained.

He's the author of three books: Total Renewal: 7 Key Steps to Resilience, Vitality; Long Term Health and Revive: Stop Feeling Spent and Start Living Again; and The New Health Rules: Simple Changes to Achieve Whole-Body Wellness.

The Methodology Lifestyle

With Methodology you'll love eating clean, beautifying whole foods



There are 5 keys to using food to improve your beauty, strength, and well being: (1) eat clean food you love, (2) maximize your minerals; (3) avoid refined and processed ingredients; (4) control your portions; and (5) be consistent. Methodology takes care of all 5.


1: eat foods you love

One of the keys to changing your diet long-term is finding healthy food you absolutely cannot wait to eat. You should look forward to every bite of every meal. You shouldn't feel deprived. Ever. This is why we spend extraordinary amounts of time recipe testing and constantly improving our food. We're committed to showing you that you can love eating clean every day because healthy food can taste mouth-wateringly delicious.


2: MAXIMIZE MINERALs, vitamins, & antioxidants

Maximizing minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants ensures you stay satisfied for hours after each meal, reduces cravings, and gives your body the building blocks it needs to look and feel beautiful and strong. We maximize your minerals and nutrients by designing menus that include a wide variety of the world's healthiest foods and superfoods, including Goji berries, Cacao Nibs, Maca Powder, Coconut Oil, Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Incan Berries, Reishi Mushroom, Bee Pollen, pastured beef, and more. 



We don't use any refined sugar, canola oil, gluten, vegetable oil, chemicals, preservatives, or processed ingredients. 


4: control your portions

Proper portion control ensures you eat just enough to feel satisfied, energetic, and light. Choose from four meal sizes to make sure your portions feel just right. 


5: be consistent

The more often you eat clean, nourishing food, the closer you'll come to achieving optimal wellness. The best way to do this is to keep yourself constantly stocked with healthy meals, so you're not tempted to snack or order unhealthy food when you're hungry. Methodology makes this easy with flexible automated plans. Get coolers of clean, custom, comfort food delivered straight to your door twice a week.


Methodology's a lot more fun to devour than read about. Get started today and you'll be eating clean by Monday.


Eat clean. Look better. Feel amazing.