Our sourcing is based on a simple idea: we wouldn't feed our clients anything that we wouldn't feed our own family.

So we spend a lot of time on sourcing to make sure every meal provides you with clean, mineral-rich, bioavailable ingredients. Eating mineral-rich whole foods helps you feel beautiful, strong, and energetic. If you haven't spent time focusing on minerals and the quality of your food, rather than on just calories and macronutrients, then we encourage you to try eating this way for a few weeks and see how your body and life change.

We buy our ingredients from the best local farms and ranches. See below to learn more about where our meat, seafood, and produce are grown and raised. We look for companies who are as dedicated as we are to feeding you the healthiest food possible that's raised in the most sustainable way possible. 


With love, 

Julie and Stephen




Beef: Del Monte, Thomas Foods

Pork: Bassian Farms

Chicken: Jidori, Draper Valley

Turkey: Diestel Family Farms

Seafood: Vince's Shellfish Company


Produce from Cuyama Orchards, Channel Island Farm, Thorne Farms, Crow's Pass, Regier Farms, Tamai Farms, McGrath Farms, Coastal Organics, Coleman Farms, Bernard Ranch, Tenerelli Farms, J. Marchini Farms, Sungrown, Go Green Ag, Fresh Origins, Rincon Farms, Shanley Farms, West Cost Nurseries, Riverdog, Frog Hollow Farm, Heirloom Organics, Swanton, Happy Boy, Full Belly Farms, Baia Nicchia, Chive Farms, Coke Farms, Devoto Gardens, Gizdich Ranch, Sausalito Springs, Jayleaf, Faurot Ranch, Capay, Duncan Family Farms, Rising C Ranches, Knoll Farms, David Little