2016 01 January

they put care into their food

I'll tell you how I described it to Thistle, who I tried before Methodology when they asked me why I wanted to cancel: I tried Methodology the week before and am returning to them, even though they are considerably more expensive. I feel they put more care into their food because they explain why they have chosen certain ingredients and what their benefits are. They provide instructions for how to reheat the food and consider that you will be reheating it, i.e. will provide a braising liquid for a protein that might dry out. Their food is more sophisticated. My biggest complaint with Thistle was that the protein was too small and I was still hungry after eating.

I look forward to every Methodology meal

Amazing meals that I wish I could cook on my own! But since I'm a mom of 2 and work full-time, I just don't have the time. So Methodology makes is easy for me to eat great, fresh food while helping with portion/calorie control. I look forward to every Methodology meal and never feel hungry after eating them. My husband has even been eyeing my meals and commented several times that they look amazing and exactly like something I would pick out to eat if I was at a restaurant. I would highly recommend Methodology!

Very clean & healthy food

This is what I posted on FB already (with the picture of my lox bagel breakfast): This is my amazing breakfast from Methodology! Very clean & healthy food (bagel is made of coconut flour) and the taste is incredible! I love this food, and it makes my body feel very healthy.  I would add that it's a very easy to use food delivery service, and the meals are very reasonably priced at only $15 each. You can choose your portions (and the small size is more than enough!), the delivery is 2x/week so that it's as fresh as possible. In summary, it's awesome! Very happy with my first week. :) Thank you!