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Let's make the world a better place, one clean bite at a time


Today, four of the top ten causes of death -- heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer -- are chronic diseases with well-established links to poor diets and the industrialization of our food.

You probably know someone suffering from at least one of these conditions. They're painful and expensive. Not only do they shorten your life, they decrease your quality of life. Whether you're overweight or suffering from cancer, the numbers aren't pretty. Forty-five million Americans diet every year, but 95% of these dieters regain their lost weight within 5 years. A diagnosis of diabetes subtracts twelve years from your life, and living with the condition costs $13,000 per year in medical costs. 

The industrialization of our food isn't going away anytime soon. At nearly every restaurant on every corner, Americans are surrounded by and continuously fed highly processed and refined foods; plants and animals raised with chemicals in huge monocultures; cheap calories from sugar and fat; and a narrowing handful of staple crops including wheat, corn and soy.

But consumers are starting to become smarter. Thanks to documentaries, reality TV shows, social media, and best-selling books, interest in food has been exploding (I know your Instagram feed is filled with food porn!). And the demand for tastier food also demands higher quality ingredients. So we're also seeing a growth in demand for local and whole foods. Consumers are voting with their dollars and supporting local farms, artisanal products, and restaurants and chains that source their food responsibly. Partially because it's good for the world and themselves and partially because food grown the old fashioned way just tastes better.

In the Bay Area, it's become easy to grab a clean chicken salad in most neighborhoods. But people still feel like they're struggling to eat healthy. Why is that?

(1) Because the restaurant and food industries are still bad at making healthy food actually taste good (because they've been focused for so long on making CHEAP food taste good) and (2) because every time you have to make a decision about what to eat you open yourself up to making a less healthy decision. With three meals a day that's twenty-one times a week you have to think about what to eat and you have to actually order or prepare that food. That's a lot of work.

This is the challenge we pose to the Methodology team: make clean eating so damn tasty and effortless that adopting clean eating as a lifestyle feels like a no brainer. If a clean lunch were even yummier than a fast food burger, then people's decisions about what to eat would change. They'd eat healthier and they'd freaking love it. No deprivation or guilt. And they'd feel vibrant, light, energetic. We believe every person deserves to feel this good after every meal every day.

We have tons of challenges ahead. We still need to test and master hundreds of recipes. We need to make these recipes easily replicable. We need to get the word out. We need to educate people about the thinking behind every ingredient in every meal and why every meal is balanced and designed to help them feel their best. And we need to feed clients the healthiest ingredients money can buy despite the fact that they're willing to spend smaller and smaller percentages of their incomes on food every year.

Momentum is on our side. Here at Methodology, we've already tested 1,000 recipes on thousands of clients in the Bay Area. People are loving us. PopSugar rated us the #1 food delivery service in America. Clients write in every day about how we've changed their lives. They tell us that not only is the food creative and delicious but they've even lost a few pounds and no longer feel sluggish and bloated. Word has spread so much that the hottest tech companies in Silicon Valley reach out to us every day asking us to cater to their teams. Doctors at Stanford Hospital, Parsley Health, One Medical, and more now recommend Methodology to their patients. 

Our service works, and it keeps getting better every week. 

And we're growing so fast we need talented people to help us keep up with the demand and continuously innovate and improve every aspect of what we do, from menu design to plating to packaging to photography to the app.

Why just work when you can build a fulfilling career? Why just feed people when you can change lives? Why just maintain an existing solution when you can reshape the future?

I hope you'll apply to join our team. We can't wait to meet you.

Julie Nguyen, Founder