Food as Medicine

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"American" food, processed food

I was raised by a single mom in Santa Ana, CA and grew up eating fast and processed food. Not because my mom didn't care about my health. But because she thought "American food," like McDonald's chicken nuggets and hamburgers, were healthy. 

She's a Vietnamese immigrant and believed American food must be healthy because Americans are much taller than Vietnamese people (to Asians, taller = healthier). She always said Vietnamese people were "underdeveloped" because they didn't eat enough meat or drink enough milk. 


It tastes so good! But...

I continued eating fast food and processed food into my twenties. 

My health worsened because of my poor diet. 

There was once a 3-week period where I only slept an hour a night. My home was the cleanest it had ever been, but I was the loneliest I've ever felt. Because there ain't much to do while everyone else is sleeping. But I refused to continue taking the prescription drugs the doctor had prescribed me because the hallucinations scared me to death. I just couldn't sleep when I saw "strangers" in my room standing motionless staring at me. Too creepy for comfort.

At another point my asthma was so bad the doctor told me that if I hadn't come in sooner I would've been hospitalized. She'd had me blow into a small tube to see how far a little ball would move, a way to measure how much air I was taking in. The little ball was supposed to move to the end of the tube. My little ball barely moved. She then felt my neck and explained to me that the reason why my neck was in pain was because my neck muscles were constantly straining as I struggled to get more oxygen with every breath. She prescribed steroids to me and sent me home. 

No doctor ever suggested I change my diet. 


Clarity from a simple test

One week when I was 26 years old, my eczema began to clear up. It was a miracle. For years my elbows felt like they were on fire, like someone was constantly holding a match up to them. The pain distracted me during meetings, where I'd consciously have to tell myself not to scratch myself in public. Feeling relief from this pain for the first time in years brought me to tears.

I started to think about why all of a sudden the suffering was ending. And I realized the only thing that had changed was the fact that I'd stopped eating the fake meat soy nuggets I always had for lunch, but just because Safeway had run out of them, not because I was consciously trying to change my diet. Nothing else had changed.


Time to change it up

To be sure, I tried eating these nuggets again and my eczema flared up again. This is when I first realized that food could affect my skin, not just my weight.

I was shocked and confused. I wondered why no one had told me this before.

I was also determined to learn more. I looked around San Francisco and saw beautiful, healthy people everywhere. What were they doing that I didn't do? What did they know that I didn't know?

I spent the next 6 years reading every food and nutrition book on the market, testing every diet from Atkins to Ketogenic to traditional low fat bodybuilding diets, working with 2 nutritionists, 1 naturopath doctor, and 3 personal trainers, and tracking all my progress in a painfully detailed Excel spreadsheet. That Wall Street analyst training ended up paying off after all. 

I approached my problem with the discipline and work ethic of an Olympic gymnast. All or nothing is my usual MO. Thousands of hours of reading, exercising, logging, cooking, and self-experimentation later, I finally felt like I truly mastered how food affects my body. And cured myself of every health problem I suffered from for so long.


Redefining "normal"

Today, I have no prescriptions. I haven't had an asthma attack in years. I no longer suffer from even seasonal allergies. I sleep like a baby and wake up feeling rested. There isn't a millimeter of eczema on my body. My belly doesn't hang over my jeans. And I'm happy. Beyond happy. I'm healthy enough to feel confident, beautiful, loving, fulfilled, at peace. 

What I learned I feel compelled to share with the world. Because I suffered for so long and I know what that pain is. The pain of feeling trapped in an overweight body and feeling like there's nothing you can do about it. The pain of resolving "it's genetic" or "it's incurable" and not even trying to improve your wellbeing. The pain of feeling like your life and its opportunities (jobs, dating) would always be limited because you aren't one of the radiant, beautiful people. The pain of giving up on childhood dreams and concluding, "So this is it, I guess."

The crazy thing is, I thought I was healthy. I thought that because of my genes, it was normal that I'd suffer from asthma. That because of pollution it was normal that I'd suffer from allergies. That because I wasn't naturally athletic, it was normal that I'd be overweight.

But it turns out I had the potential to not just feel "okay," but to feel beautiful and vibrant every day.


Food as a form of love

What I've learned is that proper nutrition -- nourishing your body with what it truly needs -- works miracles.

And that you don't actually need to track or measure anything once your learn how to listen to your body.

Food is so much more than just calories, fat, carbs, and protein. All those vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals really do matter and affect every part of your wellness. Because food is the building blocks of your body. Your muscles. Your skin. Your cells.

Food healed not only my body, it healed my mind, my spirit, my soul.

And it could do the same for you.


Love yourself

Today, taking all that I've learned, I bring you Methodology.

Methodology is self-love using food as medicine. 

We're here to help you nourish yourself and heal your body so you feel your absolute best every day.

No more diet food, extreme diets, calorie counting, starvation, deprivation, guilt, or stress. Just whole, ultra-nourishing meals designed with your wellness -- and tastebuds! -- in mind. So that every meal feels like a gift to your body, mind, and spirit

It's time to shift your mindset, think of food as self-love, and prioritize loving yourself. Once you do, eating healthy will become a natural, joyful, lasting part of your everyday life. And everything in your life will change.

Methodology is here for you on your journey toward optimal wellness. You never have to feel alone or helpless again.

You deserve to feel better than "okay." You deserve to live your dream life.



Founder, CEO